The Environmental and Social activities are set to integrate internationally-accepted principles of environmental and social sustainability into the design and implementation of the Compact.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) recognizes that the pursuit of sustainable economic growth and a healthy environment are related. Economic growth that doesn’t adequately address the associated risks of environmental degradation can leave the poor particularly vulnerable.

In collaboration with MCC, the Millennium Challenge Account-Jordan (MCA-Jordan) works diligently to minimize environmental and social risks and enhance natural resource protections. To learn more about the environmental and social studies for each of the Compact’s projects, please see below.


The Detailed Environment and Social Impact Assessment (DESIA) for the Water Network Project

The Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the Water Network Project

 • P1 RAP Final Report, Approved_ April 2012, Amended


The Resettlement Action Plan for the Wastewater Network Project

• P2 RAP Final Report_Approved_April 2012


Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Study for the Expansion of As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant


• Annex  A_As-Samra Process Flow Diagram_Waterwater line  July-2010

• Annex  B_As-Samra Process Flow Diagram_Sludge  Line_July-2010

• Annex  C_Layout

• Annex  D_Comprehensive list of equipment

• Annex  E_Wastewater line treatment units

• Annex F_As-Samra Construction Schedule_rev3b

• Annex G_Related Sections of the Safety Operator"s Manual

• Annex  H_List of Birds Recorded at Al Khirba Al Samra

• Annex I_List of Interviewed People_Socio-economic conditions

• Annex  J_Design Related Alternatives

• Annex  K_Scoping and TOR Report

• Annex  L_Study on Sludge Management at Samra WWTP Final  Report by SOGREAH

• Annex M_MWI and MoE letters_Sludge

• Annex N_ Desert highway traffic count 

• Annex O_Monitoring of Air Quality Parameters and Noise Level

• Annex  P List of Participants

• Annex Q Workshop Agenda

• Annex  R Introduction to workshop objectives and proceeding…

• Annex S Overview of Valued Environmental Components _VECs_…

• Annex T Questionnaire for Exploring Women"s Working Opport…

• Annex U Raw Data of the Questionnaire