The Millennium Challenge Account-Jordan (MCA-Jordan) as the implementing entity consists of:

·      A board of directors comprised of the members described in paragraph 7 of Article (7) of these Memorandum of Association (the“Board”);

·      A management team (the“Management Unit”), and

·      One stakeholders committee to provide advice and input to the company and to disseminate information concerning Compact implementation to the public(the “Stakeholder Committee”).




As the implementing entity for the Compact, MCA-Jordan is assigned to deliver a number of tasks and objectives as follows: 


·      To act as the Government’s permitted designee to implement the Program and to perform the Government’s rights and responsibilities to oversee, manage and implement the Program, including without limitation, managing the implementation of Projects and their activities, allocating resources and managing procurement. It will be empowered by the Compact, the Program Implementation Agreement and the Enabling Resolution with the authority to perform the Government’s obligation sunder the Compact in an independent, transparent and accountable manner.

·      To perform the Designated Rights and Responsibilities under the Compact and related agreements.

·      To make its own budget and implement the decisions of its Board and the General Assembly.

·      To expend MCC Funding.

·      To acquire, own,possess and dispose of property (for the company’s objectives) in its own name.

·      To sue and be sued in its own name.

·      To enter into, be bound by and enforce contracts in its own name, with private and public entities including MCC, other Government ministries and sub-entities (such as project implementation units), employees, service providers, consultants, etc.

·      To engage Implementing Entities, through Implementing Entity Agreements approved by MCC, and to delegate certain powers in accordance with the Compact with the approval of MCC.

·      To insure against all normal commercial risks associated with its activities.

·      To open bank accounts in its own name.

·      To purchase, lease,exchange, rent, own and acquire for the Company’s purposes any buildings or rights, patents, equipment or other movable property that the Company may need, and dispose of same in its best interest.

·      Generally, to perform such duties and exercise such powers of the accountable entity as contemplated by the Compact, the Program Implementation Agreement and the Program Guidelines.