The Millennium Challenge Account – Jordan (MCA-Jordan) is a limited liability company owned by the Government of Jordan. MCA-Jordan has been established in June 2010 to manage and implement the $275.1 million Compact funded by the US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). 
The Compact consists of several water and wastewater projects in Zarqa Governorate that have been identified by the Government of Jordan as priority projects eligible to effectively contribute to the poverty alleviation in Jordan.The technical, social and environmental feasibility studies for the identified projects which are fully funded by MCC through $13.34 million grant agreement signed between the Government of Jordan and MCC in June 2009, have started late 2009 and closed early 2011. The program entered into its implementation phase on December 13, 2011 for a period of 5 years.
MCA-Jordan took over the responsibilities of Millennium Challenge Unit at the Prime Ministry, which was established to develop the Compact during its early stages.



The Millennium Challenge Unit (MCU) was established in August 2007 within the Prime Ministry to handle the relationship between Jordan and the US Government’s MCC with the aim of setting up the developmental program that will be funded by MCC. The main tasks and duties of the Unit were:

·        Acting as a focal point on behalf of the Government of Jordan in all program communications with MCC.

·        Observing the Jordan’s eligibility indicators for MCC funding and notifying concerned government officials of its status.

·        Preparing for the Program’s Steering Committee meetings and following up on its recommendations and decisions.

·        Conducting the economic constraints analysis.

·        Conducting the sector economic growth analysis.

·        Setting and implementing a comprehensive work plan for the participatory consultative process with the Jordanian public to identify major constraints for the economic growth.

·        Developing a concept paper for the proposed investment program in cooperation with concerned parties.

·        Developing the investment program in coordination with government agencies and MCC. 

·        Setting up the implementation framework of the program that includes

o   Establishment of the MCA-Jordan (the Accountable Entity)

o   Conducting Due Diligence to the envisaged implementing entities, fiscal and procurement agents and reaching to agreements with them.

·        Providing the required support to MCA-Jordan by running its business during its development stage under the direction of its Board, until it acquires its own resources.

·        Preparing and distributing various reports to the concerned parties.

·        Coordinating and facilitating MCC’s missions to Jordan.